About Us

Our Company

The BAKEHAUS concept is simple: high quality baked products at affordable prices. We are a German bakery in London that offers a wide selection of fantastic products, prepared and baked fresh on the premises every day.

BAKEHAUS is already popular with the locals and the store remains buzzing throughout the day, from open to close. Above all BAKEHAUS is a friendly place. We love what we do and our customers love coming to watch us do it!

With additional stores in the pipeline and an ever-growing army of happy customers, we are excited about the future of the company and can’t wait to share it with you all.

More than just bread

In Germany, bread is more than just a food – it is part of the German culture. The wide variety of ingredients and products available is much greater than in traditional English baking and therefore makes bread (or “Brot” in German) a significant part of German cuisine.

Our bread is made from specially selected grains and seeds and our own natural sourdough. There are no chemical additives or pre-mixed flour, just natural raw ingredients from the heart of Germany.